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01.2011 Rip Curl 3/2mm E Bomb Pro Mens Wetsuit Chest Zip
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Sid’s Surf Shack   Rip Curl Wetsuits
Good Afternoon...

Rip Curl Wetsuits

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     Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products)   Result Pages:  1      


Just landed in our Surf Shop , is the new 2011 Rip Curl 3mm E Bomb Pro Chest Zip Wetsuit.   This wetsuit has won rave review over the past few years and is recognised as Rip Curl's most flexible wetsuit. Constructed from the finest neoprene, The Rip Curl 3mm E Bomb  Pro Wetsuit will give you huge flexibility and durability this summer.  Our Rip Curl Wetsuits are shipped out the same day, 1st class, FREE of charge. 

We have also just taken delivery of our Rip Curl Surf Clothing for summer 2011 so, check our our Rip Curl T-Shirts , and Rip Curl Ladies Collection (on the site later this week), and Rip Curl Accessories, and get your summer Surf Wear whilst its still here! We still have some Rip Curl Hoodies and winter surf wear in stock at a fraction of the cost, so you can keep wrapped up warm for the next few months.

Rip Curl surf clothing

When you think of fashion you may not consider a surfing designer to know what is best but when it comes to Rip Curl surf clothing, you couldn't be more wrong. Embodying the high street concept as well as the surfer dude feel, Rip Curl surf clothing is ever - popular with boys, girls, men and women all over the world.

Extensive range of Rip Curl surf clothing

Providing anything from t-shirts to hats, wallets to scarves, Rip Curl surf clothing offers everything you need to look edgy yet chilled out. Surfing is a way of life and although surfers will be happy to lounge around in t-shirts and shorts, Rip Curl are amongst the best surf clothing designers out there, effortlessly combining style with the practicalities of the surfing lifestyle.

Fashion meets performance

Rip Curl surf clothing may provide hip and stylish outfits for the street, but when it comes to Rip Curl wet suits, you know you have chosen the best in wetsuits. Rip Curl wet suits are versatile, durable and affordable. Here at Sid's Surf Shack we appreciate that any surfer wants the best wetsuits and by stocking Rip Curl wetsuits, we know that our surfing customers will be back again and again to buy the best.

Rip Curl wetsuits guarantee enhanced performance

We wouldn't insult your intelligence and say that buying Rip Curl wet suits will make you the best surfer on the coast. However we will tell you that once you have bought Rip Curl wetsuits, you will appreciate that wearing one of these wetsuits will inspire confidence and offer protection against the elements. Lightweight and flexible, Rip Curl wet suits help surfers to feel good and therefore perform better.

Rave reviews over the Rip Curl wetsuits

As with anything you buy, you would want to do some research into why you should buy it in the first place. Well, just ask any surfer you bump into ..... They are sure to tell you that Rip Curl wetsuits are the most recognised wet suits on the coastline. Flexibility and durability are high on the list of priorities when it comes to wet suits and Rip Curl wet suits provide these important factors.

Rip Curl range has covered everything

You may choose Rip Curl for your wet suit requirements but then again you may find that the normal 'everyday' clothing range is more suited to you. Rip Curl wet suits are, in a way, the fashion of the coastline but whilst a surfer isn't actually considering their Rip Curl wetsuits to create a fashion flurry, they are considered to be the most 'popular' of styles when it comes to wet suits. Take a look at all the surfers the next time you hit the waves, Rip Curl will be a predominant feature, whether this is wetsuits or everyday clothing.

Unisex availability

Once considered a man's sport, surfing is being taken up by more girls and this is why there is such a fabulous unisex range from Rip Curl. Not only are wet suits available, but anything from t-shirts to dresses are now designed by Rip Curl. Anything you choose to buy from Rip Curl is available here at Sid's Surf Shack. the very best surfing clothes that are available on the market.

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