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01.Solarez Mini Pro Surfboard Repair Kit
02.Ding All Suncure Fibrefill Mini
03.Solarez Mini Surfboard Repair Kit
04.Ocean & Earth Solacure Resin
05.Ocean & Earth Epoxy Resin
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Sid’s Surf Shack   Surfboard Repair Kits
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Surfboard Repair Kits

     Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)   Result Pages:  1      

     Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)   Result Pages:  1      


Ding All, Suncure Repair Kits, Surf Co Repair Kits and Ocean & Earth Ding Repair Kits are all available from our Surf Shop, meaning your board is in safe hands.  We sell Standard Surfboard Repair Kits, Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kits and Super Surfboard Repair Kits, for when your board needs some surgery. Also new in are Gliders Ding Repair Patches  which are perfect if you nee a quick fix for your board.  Ding Repair Kits from £3.50 and all shipped out the same day and next week will see the arrival of some new Solarez ding kits.  Always read instructions before using ALL our Repair Kits. 


Firstly, before embarking on purchasing a Surfboard Repair Kit, you need to know what type of board you have, whether its a polyurethane foam board or a polystyrene board (Epoxy). This is important as when you repair a surfboard, you could have disastrous consequences using the wrong resin. Polyurethane boards use polyester resin.

When you've decided whats what, you can either buy resins you can whack on over the ding, and then cure, or dry in the sun, or some epoxy resins can cure underwater so you don't miss out on any surf time! These are quick fix solutions, but for a more professional repair, and depending on the size of ding, a full repair kit may be the best bet.

Usually these contain some fibreglass cloth, sandpaper, mixing pots, resin, hardener, application sticks and some clear plastic film. Make sure the area on your surfboard is dry first and then sand the hell out of it to make sure the repair area is smooth. Once your happy, mix up the resin and hardener (instructions on the kit). The fibreglass is used to strengthen the area, so should be placed over the ding and then the mixed resin pour over, flattened with the mixing stick, and apply again if necessary. When enough resin is on, smooth and place the plastic film all around the repair area, and we would personally tape this down. This gives a smooth finish when dry. When finally dry, whip the plastic film of and if need be, give your stick a quick sand over the area, and then your ready to hit the surf! Check out this Surfboard Repair Video above.

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